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Game Name Hooked Ink Fisher Tycoon Mode APK
Android version 1.1 and above
Category Simulation
User reviews 4.6 out of 5 stars
Current version v2.17.1
Last update March 15, 2021

Aside from that information, we’ve got a simple question for you; Are you an addictive gamer and want to become more addicted to it? If yes, you need to endure the game Hooked Ink at least once. It is a cool android game based on catching different types of fish and hooking the fish and earning darner. It would be best if you swipe the screen to hook the fish or tap the fish and after that, you can use the money received to upgrade the boat.

You have to think, how can such a game be addictive based on a single repetitive task, right? I was also the one who thought about such a thing, but the gameplay has really changed my mindset, and now I invest many hours to get this entertainment. Now to make your gaming more exciting, we offer you a modified version of Hooked Inc. MOD APK, Hooked Inc. official facial game! So download Entertainment and have fun!

Hook fish by swiping the screen and making dollars

Get ready for an epic fish farming adventure! It is an addictive adventure where you just have to catch fish and upgrade your fishing items with the resources gained. Yes! It’s easy. Hooked Inc. is an offline fly simulation Android game where you can simulate free style phishing modes and endure world-class boats. It’s a simple game developed by Lion Studios in September 2017, with over 10 million addicted gamers.

According to the game’s plot, you need to catch millions of fish here and upgrade your boat with all the items and resources. The name of the game Hooked is also known for its imitation power, which will pull you into a very delicate addiction. You can’t resist playing this game for just one moment! So start your hookah ink tour today and have fun with this world of fishing!

Enjoy more than ten exceptionally upgraded boats and upgrades

The boat is the power of the game, because after taking an upgraded and exceptional boat, one can make one’s own goal. It’s a simple game at first, but you can’t resist upgrading the boat within the game. Yes, it costs a lot less, but it’s hard to ignore! Basically, The Hooked Ink gives you an 18 level boat, where you can start with a simple brown boat and, after a lot of upgrades, enjoy a Tier 18 futuristic boat that catches great fish.

Aside from boats, you can also choose the depth of water where you want to fish. In simple words, you can go up to level 15 in deep water, finding legendary fish that can cost you millions of dollars on easy fishing. So start the game today and enjoy vigorous fishing with upgrades!

Play endless gaming, unlocking unusual add-on items

Aside from boat upgrades and water depth, you can take your fishing power – one more step to improve things! Items are basically fishing-dons that you can buy and upgrade from now on to collect the most fish compared to the initial stage.

You can endure things like Bird Catcher, Lucky Hat, Lucky Spinner, Skull, Sharpen and Boom Boxx to upgrade powers like growing fishing experience, growing opportunity for better fish, chance of serious damage, and chance of gaining. Critical fish value. Just download the game and enjoy it to the fullest.

Hooked Ink Fisher Tycoon Mode APK

Go to the modified game to get extra progress

The revised version is a magical variant called Hooked Ink MOD APK, created for the same official game Hooked Inc. It includes Ditto gaming interface, items, bots and upgrades. Moreover, this game will provide you numerous ad-items like unlimited resources, unlimited upgrades and more unusual items for free.

It’s an ad-free game, ready to provide you with all your dreams in the same Hooked Ink experience. You can download it on any smartphone with or without enabled root with access. Just click the link below quickly, and download the Hooked Ink MOD APK for exclusive pleasure!

Time to employ never ending dollar and unlock a powerful boat

Pigs are the primary money inside Hooked Hack, which you can earn by fishing. The more fish you can catch, the more dolls you will catch. You can also unlock deeper depths or boat upgrades to control the legendary fish, which can cost you millions of dollars each.

Everything is in your hands, and you need to fish and unlock! Also, if you do not need this attempt, you can download Hooked Ink MOD APK. The modified version gives you free unlimited dollars, so you can use these dollars and upgrade to the highest! Depth and tire 17 boat!

Enjoy the power of unlimited gems and enjoy never ending upgrades

Aside from endless dollars, Hooked Ink MOD APK also offers you unlimited gems, which you can employ and upgrade to hundreds of items like fishing rods and bird catchers at the highest level. Moreover, you can use this gem to upgrade your characters and unlock new characters, which are full of higher powers like Red Jr., Uncle Sam and Britney. Just download the change and join the world-class fishing experience!

Hooked Ink Fisher Tycoon Mode APK

Experience the full unlocked phishing item menu for free

Hooked Inc. MOD APK delivers a fully unlocked shop menu on the same gaming interface and ditto items. Here you can buy and employ all the items available in the list of hundreds of items. Moreover, you can also enjoy unlocked fishing characters and use huge power for huge money and enthusiastic entertainment. The fun is going to start, and all you need to do is plug in with the Hooked Ink MOD APK!

Mode APK features provided

  • Unlimited money
  • Stable gems
  • High experience

Download Hooked Ink Fisher Tycoon Mode APK + (unlimited money / no ads).

Download your mod game


Now wait! Now you can download the Hooked Ink MOD APK from the link below and enjoy very exciting gaming, full of so much fun and flawless features. This is a game where you can use unlimited resources and buy all your favorite things to endure simple gaming despite complex struggles. Download the Hooked Ink MOD APK and get started Enjoy!

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