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Game Name Zombie Castways Mode APK
Android version 2.2 and above
Category Simulation
User reviews 4.6 out of 5 stars
Current version.3.16 v4.25
Last update 13 March 2021

Zombie Castways Mode APK Features and Features

Friendly Zombie falls in love with a girl and goes in search of a zombie to become a human.

The world of the zodiac is huge, bright and full of funny characters. Explore fantastic islands and make your way through Thiket to take one step further to solve the zombie mystery. Grow unusual plants, fruits and flowers to cook zombies, world famous buildings, perfect works, and equip your island to be human and discover your love.

In the game, you will find various zombie laborers, who will help you to clear the island and build a city, such as lumberjacks, stonemasons, fishermen, treasure hunters and cooks. You will be able to cut dozens of unique plants and make excellent medicines. You can travel to different islands in search of new treasures to reach the land of the ancestors, become human, and then return to the city of the people and find their love.

Zombie Castways Mode APK Unlimited Money Features

Zombie Castways – Do You Know Plants vs Zombies Exactly? You can’t enter the house with pictures of creepy zombies and try to harm them. Maybe, zombie violence is so ingrained in the player’s mind, so now, if I may say so, those scary zombies are now human friends, and people have feelings too? It’s hard to believe, but the zombie castways game I present here will make you think. Please add me to the story of this game.

The story is no longer violent and malicious evil, Zombie Castavage is a game with content surrounding Uncle Zombie’s honesty, and the love story is between a boy named Zombium and Pretty Girl. But with his current appearance, he knows he can’t get close to her. The only way to make zombies human is to build zombie farms, teach them how to work, grow trees and grow with humans. Can a zombie be a real man, just like a zombie, and reach out to his girlfriend?

Explore the magnificent islands
Take part in the game Zombie Castways; You will be embodied in zombies, humble zombies. Your main task is to develop the island where you live and transform this place into a beautiful city. In the beginning, you will work hard, at the same time you can do a lot of work such as fuel wood, finding rocks, finding food from the sea and forests and becoming a farmer, starting farming with farms and fruits. When you have more food and resources, build houses, build bigger buildings and expand your area. Hire more people to work for you, strengthen the process of urbanization. Soon the Westland will prosper and be filled with joy.

Although the game gives you many other features, do not forget that your main task is farming. The shop sells very good seeds. They have different growth times and yields. There is a faster growing type, but productivity is lower, while trees with more growth time are more productive. If you go to the game regularly, choose fast-growing varieties and collect more agricultural products. You can use these products to process food or sell them to make more money.

When things get better on your island, you can return to the land of your ancestors by visiting the surrounding islands. He buried many secrets and precious treasures. Take care of the forest and white dew; There is something waiting for you.

Zombie Castways is an interesting game through plot and exciting gameplay. Not only that, the graphics used in the game are also very good, with attractive colors and funny characters. In your spare time, join the world of Zombie Castways, experience the real farmer’s life and help zombies find their romantic life offline.

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Zombie Castways Mode APK

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Mode APK features provided

  • Unlimited money
  • No ads
  • Unlocked

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