Hey, gaming freaks! All good? How is your life going Have you advanced by playing puzzle games like Candy Crush Saga and Gem Star, or are you tired of playing it? No problem, just try the legendary creation of Peak – Toon Blast. Peak is a multinational game developer brand that has also created numerous world-class creations such as Toy Blast, Lost Bubble and Lost Jewels. He is a real puzzle developer to replace King.

Game Name Toon Blast Mode APK
Android version 1.1 and above
Category Puzzle
User reviews 4.7 out of 5 stars
Current version V6551
Last update March 21, 2021

Now, if you ask me about my favorite sport with Peak compositions or any recommendation, I would always suggest Toon Blast. It’s a beautiful puzzle game, a new concept of puzzle, where you don’t have to slide candy or jewels to mix in their colors and blast them all. This is something different and easier than old age puzzle games.

So download this game immediately and enjoy the new puzzle matching experience with Toon Blaster. Moreover, if you want to enjoy even more benefits, go for Toon Blaster MOD APK. It is a modified version of the official facial game that has attracted a lot of players to it! Download the Toon Blast MOD APK ASAP from the link below and enjoy endless fun!

Play a world-class peak puzzle game with all the progress

Advancement is the first special feature of Peak Games as it creates fun, social and exciting casual mobile games, including many advances that are loved by millions of people around the world. If you are a real puzzle and match-3 kinda game lover, you must try Toon Blast once! It is a special match-2-3- 2-3–4 puzzle game where you will match cubes and blast them all before your move is finished.

The game starts with a very enthusiastic glimpse of some toons, where you have to complete the first level! Afterwards, you can start the next part of the game, which has a simple puzzle gaming view, lots of cubes and a starring toon. This toon will entertain you a lot, and he will be very happy when you do a surprise walk. So start playing the game and sink into all its levels!

Complete thousands of challenging levels with your favorite toon

Toon Blaster is known not only for the interesting and toon of the game, but also because of the content available within the game. Well, it’s a small Android game, but still, after this small size, it offers you more than 5000 challenging levels in 100+ episodes. These include asons like musketeers, perfect balance, gelato runaway, haunted house and hot air balloon. Moreover, you can also enjoy the Champions League after completing all the challenging levels of the game!

I know that after going through this very exciting stuff about the game you can no longer resist playing this game! So stop thinking too much, and download this game on your smartphone right away to be immersed in a very exciting experience!

Unlock the Vacci Booster to make the game easier than it sounds

Within sarcasm levels and simple gameplay, Toon Blaster also delivers very sleek animated graphics that will surprise and entertain you on every single level. Moreover, it will also make your life easier with power-ups like Hand Swipe in Candy Crush and Rainbow Candy. It gives you more add-ons like rockets, bombs, disco lights and more powerful stuff that can be used to make the game cheerful.

Toon Blast Mode APK

Build your team or join the team to get free life and more benefits

Go to the once-improved gaming interface, and be amazed

Toon Blast is a challenging Android game, and at most levels, it becomes even more complex. The reason behind this defect is the lack of movement within a very rigid level. Well, it’s as common as all Android games, but sometimes it’s more annoying than any other Android game! And there are tremendous gamers out there who are fed up with playing this challenging interface.

So for all our stressful enthusiasts, today we are here with Toon Blaster MOD APK. It is a modified version of the official Toon Blaster, offering you all your desired features on a personal platform. Mark my words, after going through this exciting game, you will forget every gaming entertainment. Download the Toon Blast MOD APK from the link below and install it conveniently on any of your smartphones!

Enjoy the power of infinite life to play endlessly on every challenge

Creatures within Toon Blast is a big nuisance because the game only gives you 5 lives at an early stage, and it doesn’t grow at any level. Well, you can build your own teams or join some teams to get life from your friends, but it’s literally boring! So stop bothering, and download Toon Blaster MOD APK! This amazing change is set to give you an amazing interface with endless life to play all your challenging levels endlessly!

Now, it’s time to take advantage of endless moves and win each level

Infinity Lives is the best part of the game, but you can’t download it after learning about the most incredible privileges offered in the Toon Blast MOD APK. Interestingly, the game offers you unlimited moves at each level. Yes, you heard right! After the old days are gone you no longer believe in completing challenging levels in just a small number of moves. Nowadays, you can download Toon Blaster MOD APK and enjoy free eternal moves!

Be more excited with the unlimited coins provided by MOD APK

Like the last decade, Toon Blast is full of excitement, but to make it even more exciting, we’ve developed a modified version – Toon Blaster MOD APK! It is an effective version of the game that delivers never ending coins and gaming money. You can use this money to unlock many crates and even buy various power aids-purchases with this money without telling anyone!

Toon Blast Mode APK

Play ad-free to all your desired levels with our edit

In the end, the game allows you the most simple gaming feature, the Zero Ad interface. If you’re one of these people too, annoyed by being stuck in advertise online ads, then stop advertising-addiction, and start consuming your time with the Toon Blast MOD APK. It is of course the official game with zero interruption guaranteed. Enjoy this!

Mode APK features provided

  • Infinite moves
  • Unlimited live
  • Infinite coins
  • Unlimited booster
  • No ads

Download Toon Blast Mod APK + Hack Game

Download your mod game

Final judgment

Finally, the final step is down there, download link! Click it ASAP and download Toon Blaster MOD APK to your smartphone without paying a dollar! Engage with its amazing graphics and be enthusiastic about its exclusive rights! Enjoy this !!

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