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Game Name The tomb of the mask
Android version 5.0 and above
Category Action
User reviews 4 out of 5 stars
Current version v1.7.17
Last update

What is special about the tomb of Mask Mode APK

Tomb of the Mask is an arcade game with a labyrinth created which is also ical. In which you find a mask, for an experience you make it in the grave. You continue it and understand how you can scale the walls easily and simply. And that’s when the fun begins.

You face many different traps, enemies and game power-ups and mechanisms. And get to grips, so time does not wait and you!

Each nation has its own stories, such as Greek mythology, myths or legends. However, there are areas and people have theorized their culture. Most adventurers have left the mountains or the forest to explore the abandoned culture or remnants of the country in history. Maya is the prime example of the best wealth of human development but disappears without any explanation.

Plejandri created a match to mimic the experiences of scientists who have advanced in the field of culture. The new methods are productive for starting its sports standards. Thus, Mask’s Tomb recently turned into a hit. Despite the launch, the number of individuals has increased.

The story is about an adventurer, who is coming to a place to discover the secrets hidden along the way. And he found an early samadhi, it was also strange like a mask and like a grave. The adventurer wears a mask with which a miracle happens. He realized that he was beginning to acquire skills that men and women could not possess. Her moves on the walls were smooth and easy, she was also jumping from wall to wall without any difficulty. From that point on, “fun” began to happen.

Tomb of Mask Mode APK

Amazing new features of Mask Mode APK Tomb


Pleasant is famous for doing pictures. So that prerequisite was fulfilled by the tomb of this mask. To begin with, the gameplay of the game is like this game inside an obstacle. Overcome difficulties in which the designer enters the match and you have to control the personality. These traps are really diverse and unpredictable such as traps, huge spheres, deep pockets, etc. You need to play and you will lose your own life if you are not careful. However, the mechanics of motion is the point that is interesting that the participant is brought through the game. The characters go on very fast and they can’t stop. In other words, the personality stops once the wall is reached. To put it differently, the game enables the character.

Plenty of coins are being transferred. This is basic for preventing traps and picking up St. for this particular match. As soon as you have collected the coins, unlock the brand new one. It all includes abilities that will help your movement through the grave of their samadhi, their special powers.


The images of this game are all a fairly straightforward layout with a 2D background. The colors reflect the mystery of brown. The functionality of the game is quite simple, which makes it easy for the players to stop the personality, without experiencing any problems.

Tomb of Mask Mode APK


Thanks to the simple gameplay and seemingly unlimited routes, players will spend a lot of time playing. In it, breaking old records and destroying friends’ records is a challenge that entices players to play. You will spend free time jumping on the walls and scoring.

Mode APK features provided

  • Unlimited money
  • Unlocked
  • No ads

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