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Game Name Arcana is a mystical romance
Android version 1.1 and above
Category Simulation
User reviews 4.6 out of 5 stars
Current version V 2.04
Last update March 20, 2021

What is the specialty of Arc Mystic Romance Mode APK?

Welcome to Archana, an amazing world full of mystery and romance! Immerse yourself in this beautiful auto-inspired visual novel. You will become a tarot wanderer, wander the hidden streets of the ancient city, and meet charming individuals. Choose your story to decide who you condemn and who you want to be!

In this LGBT and gay-friendly game, you choose your pronoun – then romance to your heart’s content! If you play Mystery Game, Autom or Anime Game you will love Archana! Are you ready to love

Simulation games can be considered one of the genres that are currently being appreciated. Because it gives players the world they want.

In Japan, there is also a concept called “Autom Game” for this type of game. This type of drama is also a genre of simulation, but it tends to be romantic stories.

And often it will go through a romance that is very twist, as well as a mystery, interesting adventure. Since then, the feelings they create become more profound, and it’s more like an anime.

Arcana A Mystic Romance Mode APK

You will play the role of an eccentric tarot card reader working in your patron, Asura’s magic shop. You are confused and do not remember what happened before. Suddenly someone is knocking on the door.

Three characters appear who want to talk to your patron, but you provide them instead of reading tarot cards. Nasua, Vesuvia counts, is comfortable with your reading.

She invites you to her palace, albeit for a price – you must first reveal the secret of her murdered husband!

Immediately you emphasize a mysterious story, where you mingle the characters stuck in your path to unravel the mystery. Each character has many hidden secrets that you can discover by your choice. Will you fall in love Be careful, the effect of your choice is more than just yourself!

Meet the characters-:

Roads with six unique characters. Romance them, kiss them or quarrel with them! Depending on the anime and Ikeman genres, you can play multiple character routes simultaneously or simultaneously – the choice is yours!

* Julian – A thrilling and dangerous doctor, accused of a heinous crime.

* Asara – Your magical master with a wealth of mystery.

* Muriel – You are the mysterious person you meet in Vesuvius.

* Nadia – a powerful and interesting calculation of the city.

* Lucio – Nadia’s dead husband, who once ruled Vesuvius.

* Portia – Nadia’s favorite and most trusted handmaiden.

Arcana A Mystic Romance Mode APK

Why play-:

Choose your pronoun in this comprehensive auto-inspired story. Choose whether to play as a female, male or non-binary character.

Then choose your story between six mysterious character passage. Each episode has plenty of options for you to play a role! When you interact with interesting characters and on your chosen path, you have to make a quick decision or face the result!

Unlike other dating sims, this visual novel gives you what you want and the romance you want! Maintain relationships with any character regardless of gender.

Here are 10 reasons why you should download Arcana:

* A secret that is impossible to keep down!

* LGBT and gay friendly games – you choose your pronouns and roleplay in the automatic story.

* Explore the Vesuvia-jaw-dropping scenes in this beautiful visual novel.

* Dating simulator with twist – fall in love with six mysterious characters.

* Choose your story – risky and exciting options!

* Romance, secret kisses, or cheating on your lover like you.

* Get daily tarot card readings to know your destiny.

* Play 21 episodes taken from 21 main arch tarot cards.

* Free to play without any ads – All characters are available to play without paying a path.

* Collect memories and prizes in the Heart Hunter mini-game.

Mode APK features provided

  • Unlimited money
  • Infinite keys
  • Ad free

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Pro Tips -:

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