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Game Name Shazam Mod Apk
Android version And.0 and so on
Category Music and Audio Dio
User reviews 4.4 out of 5 stars
Current version v11.17.0
Last update

What is special about Shazam Mode APK?

Shazam is one of the most popular programs on the planet, used by hundreds of millions of people every month to search for songs, get lyrics, and find the songs that artists find themselves today.

“Shazam is a program that feels like magic” – Tekrador.com

Get together with all the artists you like and instantly share and identify music in the joy of Dio Discovery.

See artists like Pitbull, Calvin Harris, Meghan Trainer, Avicii, Jason Derulo, Viz Khalifa and many more.

The new inventions of musicians that make you feel shy are done automatically
Follow the fresh artists using the tap of the button and then watch the shaming of the artists
Stay up to date with the latest singles, books and movies from the artists you follow

Shazam Encore APK – You hear it but you don’t understand its own name. So this song confuses you to find. However, it’s easy to allow someone to get your song. You support your telephone, list the song for a while, you will be given all the information related to his song by Shazam Encore. The application form makes it possible for you to instantly talk about the song with your peers, and refer to its own videos on YouTube or you can download it to your device, select songs. Shazam Encore has got the ability to spot songs.

We will share with you and that means you can install and install it. So you can’t really trust being out of Google 21, this app is unavailable in some states. You are still able to easily install and install it. Let’s check it out below! Shazam Encore can be a song recognition tool in general on earth today. It was designed by Shazam Company, which has been coming to Google Play since 2011. However, Shazam’s agency was operational. This app can recognize the name of this song when you listen to songs or some other source in this tune. With tens of millions of users, Shazam tops the list of applications on Google Play.

It is also available on various platforms like Windows I-OS and Android Television. In addition, the app has the ability to connect and share appealing data. Most of the world famous singers like Adele, Kendrick-Lamar, Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris, Pit Bull 3 are using Shazam. You should use Shazam to register for them. All the information of the song, whatever they are currently listening to, like the music will be upgraded to your needs anywhere, anywhere.

And that’s just the first: one-tap use of movies, song lyrics, applied paths and streaming solutions, on which you’re able to fully listen to or get to know Shazam.
Music Discovery

Amazing new features of Shazam Mode APK

Key Features

Shazam TV shows to discover soundtracks, throws, special offers furs and much more
Choose music gainers along with YouTube movies
Preview tunes and upload them to Rdio with Spotify Playlists decision
Launch Pandora Radio According to the Artists You Find *
Request Shazam Google program for you: “Ok Google, Shazam Aa Tune”

Find and buy

Stay in the loop using Shazam’s real-time graphs
Join RDO or Spotify to complete routes in Shazam
Take a look at the advocacy tracks to find the new Audio Dio
Find out what’s popular in the city, your nation, and the planet
Quick connections to Google Play and Amazon apps

Connect and share

If you join your FB accounts, see what your friends share
Share your searches via Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Google+ and more …

Shazam from your watch

Launch Android Zam in your Android Wear smartwatch for your artist and tune
Publish songs using all Audio Dio on a confirmed smartwatch

More than eyes

Shazam Visual Validation You have tapped the camera on Shazam posters, books or magazines; Aniplace where you think Shazam K camera is my symbol
Visual recognition also acts as a QR code reader
Search your previous shuffles on Google Today
Buy tickets to see your favorite artists at the concert

Use Shazam as much as you like – it’s unlimited

Other information

Previewing and purchasing music requires that Google Audio Dio Shop in your state
MIPS devices are not supported
Does Shazam want permission for this program? https://support.shazam.com/hc/en-us/articles/205139787-Application- Permission

* Some features are location, device and application version based

Any questions or feedback? Check out: https://support.shazam.com/hc/en-us/c Categories / 200239877- Android

Shazam Mod Apk

Identify songs by melodies

Shazam Encore uses technology that will help you identify the singer’s musical tunes and more. Whenever you see the results, you can preview the songs and upload them to playlists on Rdio with Spodify Premium. The program provides a number of options that allow you to select music videos with songs on YouTube or turn on Pandora Radio. From the latest version, you can use Google OK to trigger Shazam. You do not really need to open this application. If you are not on the World Wide Web, songs can be identified by the Shazam offline flight feature.

Discover music, artists and more

Links to all your favorite audio streaming services and that means you can find every song you’re interested in at this stage. The application form upgrades information about music composers, songs, graphs and many other tips. You’ll be able to watch your favorite songs locally or connect with Amazon and Google Play to purchase your favorite songs. Moreover, many artists’ are currently collaborating with Shazam, and so don’t forget to check with them to upgrade the information attached to the latest, records and more details.

Connect and share

Once you join this particular niche program and your own FB accounts, users will be able to see your friends from Shazming. Shazam Encore would love to find you a song or want to talk to everyone else about it. It provides a good deal of choices that enable you to share music with anyone or friends via support systems like Facebook, Twitter P-Interest. You send them via a guide or email message. Android supports Oath, and this means you are able to install the app. Account information will be synced.

What’s in Shazam Encore Mode APK?

Remove ads altogether
Identify almost all the songs in the world.
Provide relevant suggestions, including videos, when searching for songs.
Disable Google services
Disable data storage services
Optimization helps the application run smoothly on devices.
Fix bugs, automatically fix bugs when searching for music.
Allow to listen to the whole song without time limit.

Configuration requirements

  • Android 4.0+
  • Capacity: 12 MB
  • 1 GB RAM minimum
  • Google Play: Price of 99 3.99


There is song recognition software that you can see on Google Play. However, Shazam is your very ideal. Owning a data warehouse that has an excellent music comprehension capability although it provides a full good deal of features that enable users to connect to services related services. In any case, in addition, it allows users and artists to get in touch to upgrade information and music. Right now, the program can be found on the Play Store for 3.99 We still invite the programmer to purchase it to encourage. You are still able to download and encrypt Shazam for free. Don’t forget to visit our site to upgrade the version of console and programs mode available on Android!

Identify audio audio with one-tap tap

Singles ongang or watch their movies in tune using the legends of the songs

Launch Shazam in your own Android Wear smart-watch to find the artist and tune the look.

Z Shazam offline Fly: Find music if you don’t join! *

If you connect to your own FB accounts, see what your peers are up to

Continue using Shazam’s realtime graph

Top artists like Adele, Kendrick-Lamar, Demi Lovato are using Shazam to find fresh music, and you can follow them to speak in the joy of discovery.

Shazam is one of the most popular programs on the planet, with music played by thousands of people every month to instantly identify who is playing and see what others are looking for. All free.

Apple Fast connections with Apple Music

Check out the recommended paths to find music that is brand new
Other information

Z Shazam Visual Understanding: Use Shazam for magazines, posters, novels and much more! Wherever you think the Shazam camera is my symbol, use it everywhere

Think you can beat Shazam? At the same time, you will watch the series, learn, play together with this Shazam program!

Sha Just sign in to sync your Shazams

Share your discoveries via Facebook, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, P Interest, and more.

Preview the tunes and add them to the Spotify list **

Mode features

Languages: RU, N.
Android Wear app removed
Optimize all graphics optimized graphics
Disconnected advertising and waste services, hidden by the ad I received
The services of this change have been released from Google services
The services for collecting statistics have been carefully disabled
Maps work, load
Compression: Ultra + Zipalign
Signature changed

Mode APK features provided

  • Full premium unlocked
  • No ads

Download Shazam Mod Apk + (not full premium / ads)

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