In the last two-three decades, the experience of watching television has been revolutionized by the OTT (above) media service, and it is changing day by day. A few years ago there was not so much competition between OTT platforms, but nowadays it has increased a lot. Many leading OTT platforms are nationally widespread, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney + Hotstar, Sony Live and many more. On these platforms, you can easily watch your favorite television shows, movies, original web series and any additional content without any hindrance.

Game Name Netflix
Android version 1.1 and above
Category Entertainment
User reviews 4.5 out of 5 stars
Current version v7.96.0
Last update March 28, 2021

From all these OTT platforms, Netflix is ​​# 1 In terms of content, Ultra HD quality, different languages ​​and exclusive original content. But for this amazing stuff with some flawless features, you have to buy an expensive subscription, which costs INR 799.00. So for those students, professionals or regular streamers who just can’t afford this huge amount to enjoy web series, television shows and some movies, we’re here with a new improved app called Netflix MOD APK. It is a simple Netflix application that is capable of a premium subscription as well as some additional features. You can easily download Netflix Mod APK in this article and get a full knowledge about its features and overview.

About the Netflix app

Netflix is ​​an American video online video streaming service that provides a wide range of television shows, Hollywood + Bollywood movies, Netflix originals as well as cartoon and anime shows for children. The service came to India almost eight years after the launch of Reliance OTT Bigflix about four years ago. But nowadays, Netflix has become one of the best streaming service providers in India through its exceptional service. Because it will provide you with millions of hours of television + movies + web series content as well as 1500+ hours of original Netflix content. In terms of users, Netflix has 167 million users worldwide by 2020.

Return to the service part by finishing the matrix item here. To use Netflix to view every single piece of content, you must first subscribe to it, which means that without a membership, it is impossible to use Netflix. Netflix’s best subscription plan is its premium plan because with this plan, and you can see tremendous content in excellent quality, which will cost you INR 799.00 per month. It will also give you some extra features like resolution quality, no ads, and much more.

But you don’t have to worry about that because here in this article we will provide you with Netflix Mode APK 2020, the latest Netflix modified app based on AppFish app with premium subscription enabled. It is a user friendly app with some extra features than Netflix Premium. To find out more about Netflix Mod Version APK, Must read the following section.

Netflix Mode APK

Netflix Premium Mode APK

Netflix MOD APK is a simple application developed by our professional team for you to experience premium features without spending a single penny. The best thing about this app is its enormous extra features, such as zero advertising, unlimited offline flight downloads, Ultra HD quality and more. By using this model app, you can leave your dreary days behind and enter an exceptional period without paying any amount.

If you are moving towards a paid subscription to Netflix, it will offer you plans between INR 199.00 INR and INR 799.00 INR. The Netflix MOD APK version can accommodate you with the same features for free with a 799.00 IRR subscription. Moreover, it will also provide you with enormous additional features with every Netflix content.

Netflix subscription plan

Netflix offers four types of subscription plans, depending on your usage, and you can cancel the subscription at any time to avoid automatic payments at the end of the month. Below here, we have adopted all four schemes based on features, cost and usage.

Mobile plan – The mobile plan is the cheapest plan for Netflix, and you can register it directly by its name. Yes, it is only for mobile, this plan is only suitable for streamers who want to watch movies and web series on their Android phones. There are some cons of this plan, only one user can stream at a time, and HD, UHD resolution is not available. The plan will cost INR 199.00 per month, and you can cancel it whenever you want.

Basic plan – The default is a normal-rate plan, and it has the same features as the first mobile plan in terms of resolution and users. The only difference between the mobile plan and the original plan is that you can watch Netflix on a computer, laptop, mobile or any other console with this subscription. The original plan will cost you INR 499.00 per month.

Standard plan – By working on this plan, you can enjoy HD resolution availability for every content present in Netflix, and the number of users can be increased to 2 at a time. But you will not be able to stream UHD (Ultra HD quality) resolution in this plan. Well, the cost of this plan will be INR 649.00 monthly for you.

Premium plan – Premium is Netflix’s most expensive and recommended subscription plan, in which you can enjoy providing content with your friends. You can add up to 4 users to watch exceptional Netflix streams at once. Also, you can stream movies, web series or any television show in Ultra HD quality to experience the reality. It is a premium plan that we offer you for free through Netflix MOD APK. In addition, you can also get this plan by paying INR 799.00 monthly.

Netflix Mode APK

Features of Netflix MOD APK

The Netflix MOD APA has a tremendous volume of fabulous features, the maximum of which is the same as the official Netflix Premium. We’ve listed some of the key features you’ll find in the Netflix MOD APK –

1. Multi-language

This feature is very useful for Indians as there are about 22 languages ​​in India, with Netflix MOD APK, you will get support for about 5 to 7 Indian languages. This means that about 70-80% of the Indian population can easily understand its content, as it includes the global language English and also our mother tongue Hindi.

2. No advertising

It is the best feature of the latest Netflix MOD APK as the ad interruption between favorite shows is the worst feeling for everyone. It is one of the major drawbacks that has left today’s pay generation television services. Netflix MOD APK will not disturb you at any time through its commercial advertisements while viewing any of its content. This feature will give you the most enjoyable experience you will find in any other media streaming service.

3. Unlimited line fly download

If you’ve been through the YouTube app, you need to know about the offline fly download feature of streaming apps. Using this app, you can easily download your favorite shows and movies through your cellular data as well as Wi-Fi connection. Online streaming video uses a little more information than it downloads, so you can save data using this app.

4. 4K Ultra HD

Like Netflix’s premium subscription, you can stream Netflix content up to 4K Ultra HD quality, which means you’ll also get a full HD view on your mobile phone according to its configurations. You can connect your television to Netflix and experience exceptional 4K quality if your mobile supports the cast-screen feature.

5. Unlimited users

As we described above, there are still many additional features that you will get with the Netflix Premium MOD APK. In Netflix Premium, only 4 individuals can stream premium content simultaneously, while in Netflix MOD APK, unlimited users can access this huge amount of data. To do that, you just have to share this app with all your friends, and that’s it.

6. No root required

Most modified, scripted, cracked or other applications that provide you with additional benefits for free require root requirement access to your phone as a priority. But in case of this app, you don’t have to root your phone as it can work comfortably without root access. We take care of the security of your device as it is one of our top priorities and rooting the device can compromise the security of your phone as well as the battery life.

Mode APK features provided

  • Premium cracked
  • 4K video quality
  • Removed territory restriction
  • Select primary subtitle

Download Netflix Mode APK (Premium / 4K HD Quality / No Ads)

Download your mod apk


After examining all the pro features of Netflix MOD APK, we believe that it is one of the best-modified video streaming apps. Moreover, this app is 100% bug and virus free as our professional team has already tested this app on most devices, which means you don’t have to worry about the security of your device. You can use Netflix Mode APK for PC using any emline emulator like Bluestacks, Gameloop, etc.

If you’re bothered with any issues with downloading, installing or using the Netflix app, please comment below to get better help. Netflix must try all of the features listed above at least once in the app and Enjoy.

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