Religion is the most important thing for all individuals and everyone nowadays studies their own religion. Every single faith has a lot of amazing content that makes you Islam to study it. So for all Muslims and even those who study Islam, we are discussing the best app for all of you – Muslim Pro.

Game Name Muslim Pro Ramadan 2019 Apk
Android version 1.1 and above
Category Lifestyle
User reviews 4.7 out of 5 stars
Current version
Last update 13 March 2021

It is basically a religious application that includes all the crucial dates of Islam, the Quran and everything you need. While surfing this app here, one can learn about Azan, the time of Ramadan and learn about Duas, Inspiration, Calendar and Muslim community, and also about Durgah and all other religious places near you. So if you are studying Islam or a Muslim person, you should need this app for your daily life.

Also, if you are tired of using the official Facial Muslim Pro app and are fed up with a lot of ads, we are offering you an improved version of the Muslim Pro app called Muslim Pro MOD APK here. So if you are ready to experience all the premium features of Muslim Pro app for free, then you can conveniently download the app given below.

A flawless application for Muslims

Muslim Pro is a fantastic Android app that includes all the duas and numerous mantras that you can use in the morning, evening, lunch, dinner, before bed, travel, praise and all other moments. Bitsmedia PT Ltd. The app has evolved, and to date, it has conquered over 50 million people worldwide who follow Islam. It includes the most accurate time of prayer, with 40+ language translations, including the Quran. So if you belong to any field, you can download it and experience all the content available in the app in your own language.

It is a gift application developed in 2011 which includes various features like azan notifications, fasting time and tasbeeh. And for the grand fun, you can download below the Muslim Pro MOD APK which is a re-version of this app unlocked for free with a premium subscription.

Content within this extraordinary application

The Muslim Pro app is made for all kinds of guys, and using all its flawless qualities will make your mind really happy. While using this app, you can find all Islam Duas with more than 130 clear duas for different times like Food, Travel and Sleeping. Moreover, this application will also provide you daily verses through which you can easily understand the meaning of life. Moreover, you can also surf his inspirational images to win the way of life and increase the flow of inspiration in your life.

Apart from these things, you can find azans, mosques and dargahs near you by giving access to your Muslim Pro app. It will also give you a smoke tracker in which you can mark your smoke status every day and track them for the whole month. In the midst of this perfection, the Muslim Pro app will also give you acknowledgment about Allah’s 99 names, Haji and Umrah, Haji Journey as well as flight times and bookings for Haji. So download the app now and experience every functionality of this beast.

A Muslim app that includes all the essential features

Muslim Pro is an adequate app for all those who follow Islam. It includes everything you need for your religion. Here you can find all the prayer times, duas, Muslim calendar, 99 names of Allah, mosques, hajis, durgahas, as well as the complete Quran. But the only crisis is the tons of ads within the app, which is the worst thing since no one can tolerate annoying ads between adherents of any religion.

Freedom seekers and individuals have been annoyed by the tons of ads on the app page, here we are posting a modified app of the Muslim Pro app. In other words, it is a premium version of the Muslim Pro app embedded for free with a Pro subscription – Muslim Pro MOD APK. Within the no-ad interface, it will offer you many more exceptional features that you may experience only after paying INR 79.00 per month or INR 399.00 per year.

Muslim Pro Ramadan 2019 Apk

Enjoy the premium version

If you have ever opened the Muslim Pro app, you must know about its premium subscription. It is a free premium application with plenty of paid benefits that you can enjoy only after paying INR 399.00 per annum. But still, many people cannot afford this expensive app to practice just one religion, on which they can research for free on YouTube.

So to enhance the feature for free, we offer you Muslim Pro MOD APK. It is the only change in the market that offers a free premium subscription to all paid features. So download it now and start giving time to your religion from today.

Convenience with colorful themes

Convenience and customization is an essential functionality that everyone needs in an Android app as no one wants to get bored by the standalone interface and rigid UI. So what Muslim Pro MOD APK will do, it will provide you the most convenient application interface without ad-hoc.

Plus, you can experience unlocked color themes, custom Quran themes, custom qibla themes, more tasbeeh nests, and you can customize the homepage for free here. So make what you have been waiting for by clicking the most download button below.

Advanced Quran and Aadhan voices

The Qur’an and Adhan is a very necessary period for every Muslim and Islamic person, and also for all those who follow Islam because it becomes easier to go to heaven by reading the Qur’an and reciting it daily.

So for all our friends, we have created this app from every unlocked script, which means you can enjoy Quran and Adhan in more than ten different sounds, which will make listening and following more convenient.

Muslim Pro Ramadan 2019 Apk

Read the Quran offline flyline for free

The Quran is one of the three most religious books in the world, including the Bhagavad Gita and the Bible. Abubakar Siddique wrote at the time of Critical Islam, and it covers everything about the past, present and future. One can read this excellent book and learn ways to increase good deeds and attain heaven.

After installing Muslim Pro MOD APK in your smartphone, you can download Quran and read it anytime and anywhere. Isn’t that great?

Mode APK features provided

  • Full premium features
  • Unlocked
  • No ads

Download Muslim Pro Ramadan 2019 Mode APK + (Premium Unlocked / No Ad)

Download your mod apk

Muslim Pro MOD APK is the best app for all people who practice Islam and need compromise to accept most things they don’t know. It is a brilliant Android app that provides everything you need to know, including the time of Azan and Ramadan. Moreover, you can enjoy all the app themes from the very convenient app interface here. So without thinking one more word, download it now and install it in yours Smartphones !!

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