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Game Name Mighty Party Battle Chess
Android version 1.1 and above
Category Play a part
User reviews 4.6 out of 5 stars
Current version
Last update

What is special about Mighty Party Battle Chess Mode APK?

Prepare to fight with your Mighty-Get-to-Tire!
Play with the army to strengthen them with royal archers, join them with the wind ninja and destroy the enemy’s powers!
Struggle in a fast PVP struggle, brave hero! The heroes of war are called to win most of the competitions! Demonstrate your connection that Pengia’s dream will be one of yours from all over the world!

Mighty Celebration: Clash of Heroes can really be a planned game on which you put your workforce to work. While the overall game machine and even all of the match guides offer a perfect good deal, the ball gamer is probably rarely bothered by the controller platform. You can collect attributes through it to produce a group in addition to many characters with all the power.

Let’s set a plan that most of the heroes are connected to each other’s power. You have to keep your people’s attention in a straight line – that an armed person can be your mind. It can be mentioned if the captain is down you can ignore.
Available on the industry now you can find many strategic games like Hi Hero, Idol Hero …

If you decide to go to a powerful social gathering match, looking to get a brand new feeling: the clash of all the heroes to fully capture the experience of the struggle compared to the same play.

Game strategy is a game that requires ability and requires a lot of intelligence. Only each choice of a new person leads to an impact on this match. Players need to keep an eye out. Players develop knowledge in addition to customs. This can really be a process that everyone needs to experience.

Amazing new features of Mighty Party Battle Chess Mode APK

F Turf Wars is a game genre in which your guerrilla alliance fights with its army against rivals for its many precious lands. Get the guild for your glory!
Be aware:

Get the magical and famous Chester -> Recruit and also develop new conflicting heroes -> Gather your Mighty Social Integration -> Clash with different players in PVP -> Join the most powerful guild alliance -> Be 1!
Exception Epic soldiers with extraordinary combat abilities.
Turn-based and fast revolutionary combat strategy. Plan and approach!

The worldwide attempt of a player using epic storytelling. A journey of real heroes!
A network link is in demand.
Build your strengths and direct your powerful social gatherings!

Mighty Party Battle Chess Mode APK

A mix of endless struggles from the throats of the heroes of the Fare War.
Mighty Celebration: Heroes Clash is completely free to download and play some of the match items purchased for money. In the event you do not wish to use this particular feature, you should install password protection from the preferences of someone’s Google Performed Retailer program to receive purchases.
Lots of methods for developing powerful heroes: level-ups connect them with others and flip them into celebrities, updating abilities in turf battles!

Mode APK features provided

Mode 1

– VIP 7 (Version 1.5 has VIP 20)
– Evolve cost (spirits) has been reduced to 5
– All PVP chests can be started
– Prices in Journey / Dark / Tower are now 20
– Set the price of gold to 100
– Unlimited resources – Not recommended
– Free summons – Not recommended
– Pit boss will have 100 health (don’t kill late boss)
– 100 pit shuffles

Mode 2
– VIP 7 (Version 2.5 has VIP 20)
– Evolve cost (spirits) has been reduced to 5
– All PVP chests can be started
– Prices in Journey / Dark / Tower are now 20

Mode 3
– 20 pit shuffles
– All PVP chests can be started

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