Public health, inequality, economic and environmental challenges are increasing worldwide and everyone nowadays tries to invest at least one hour a day in their health. We live in the epidemiological department right now, where we need to support both money and time on health and avoid these challenging times. Well, no one can beat us if it is a deadly virus or a giant beast, the world has become technologically advanced so far.

Game Name Lifesm Food Diary
Android version 1.1 and above
Category Health
User reviews 4.4 out of 5 stars
Current version V8.5.0
Last update

Right now, we can use a lot of Android apps like Health Bridge, Healthline and Lifesum to defeat the epidemic, we need to take care of our health. Lifesum is an Android + iOS app that helps improve the health, weight and number of nutrients in our body. You can download this app on the Play Store and work on your health through the content available in it.

Moreover, to make this app more comfortable to work with, we have developed an improved version of it and posted it below for use in every smartphone. Below you can download Lifesom MOD APK and work on your health more easily with all the premium features enabled in it. So go and download it now !!!

Software software that works on your health

Do you ever think that software can maintain your overall health and you are overweight or skinny, then it can make you fat? If not, then meet the Lifesm application. It is a formidable software developed for both OS, Android and iOS. It was first released in 2011 and has so far surpassed 10 million Android users and millions of iOS users.

Let’s move on to the app, so by default Lifesm APK offers you three different options listed below, and you can choose the right one to start the journey –

  • Lose weight
  • Maintaining weight
  • To gain weight
    Here you can choose any one suitable option and start working on your health effectively. It allows you to set goals, work on them, and make them possible. To work on your plan, you can use Lifesum Diary in which you will find all the daily track details containing KCL, Protein, Carbs Fat and Water Consumption components. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. You can also add exercise details to calculate the number of calories burned each day.

Enjoy all the healthy recipes and recipes

Lifesum is a versatile Android application that basically includes many mods for each of your karma. While operating this app, one can add all the details of those foods and also know all the information on the food, including knowledge about calories, proteins and carbs. Also, Lifesum will suggest you the best food to eat depending on your condition.

Moreover, you can also enter the details of daily water consumption in it and also use the various recipes available in the Lifesum application. It includes more than 100 different dishes based on a variety of foods such as vegetarian, aggregator, vegan and non-vegetarian.

Here you can embrace eve recipes like healthy Christmas cakes, healthy Diwali desserts and healthy Eid kheer. Moreover, you can also surf various breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes and make it for all your family members to increase the number of nutrients in their lives.

Lifesum Premium Mode APK

The sum of your life with premium features

For those who have never used the Lifesm application; It is a freemium application that includes both free, paid and paid subscriptions. In an open or def default subscription, you will only get the details of essential foods like protein and carbs. In contrast, the premium version can convince you about all the details of vitamins, cholesterol, sodium and potassium in your diet.

Well, it doesn’t end here because the premium subscription includes more features than free. Its monthly fall for the annual plan is 733.00 INR or 3050.00 INR and the rainfall of all such facilities. Elsewhere, you can download a modified version of this app below and enjoy all the premium features of Lifesum for free without wasting any money and extra. To learn more about the features of the app with all the exceptions, one must read the following section and also download the MOD APK to enjoy it.

Enjoy a convenient application interface

The application UI is the most important factor that affects the mind of the user while using it. The convenient user interface is the most preferred UI here, and everyone can use it from any age group. With that in mind, Lifesum MOD APK is developed with the most popular application interface. You can use any of the features available in this app comfortably and without spending money. Enjoy this !!

Do a thorough study on self health

Lifesom MOD APK is the only application that contains all the knowledge about healthy things and human health. While surfing this app, you can learn about the calories needed to enhance your health and get fit. Well, staying healthy is not easy, but Lifesum MOD APK is a solution that can help you make this task the most comfortable karma.

It will accept you with all the details of diet and study for the importance of various exercises in life. Download it now and start investing both time and money on your health, because you have it all!

Observe the ratings of what you are eating

Ratings is the most familiar function of this modified app as it will help you get the rating details of every food available globally. By taking a look at the ratings, you can easily compare what is good for your health and what is bad for your health and try to avoid the worst things. So download it now and make a list of all the foods for your daily consumption. Stay healthy !!

Lifesum Premium Mode APK

All the extra details about the food

Within self-study, you can also use the Lifesome MOD APK to find out the details of the food you are consuming. The Lifesome app is compatible with you to accept you with all the details about your favorite food products, fruits, vegetables, eggs and all the things you eat. While surfing Lifesum MOD APK, you can learn the details about calories, protein, fiber, sugar, saturated fat, unsaturated fat, cholesterol, sodium and potassium.

Mode APK features provided

  • Premium features unlocked c
  • No ads

Download Lifesum Premium Mode APK + (Unlimited Money / No Ads for Android).

Download your mod game

Final judgment

Lifesome MOD APK is an important application that everyone needs nowadays because we live with a deadly virus, and it is very important to defeat it. You can download it now from the link below and start working on your health today. It will offer you all the premium features and convenient ad-free application interface. Go for it, and be Healthy !!

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