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Game Name Jungle Adventures 3 Mode APK
Android version 4.4 and above
Category Adventure
User reviews 4 out of 5 stars
Current version V 50.42.0
Last update

What is the specialty of Jungle Adventures 3 Mode APK

Jungle Adventures 3 – If you like Jungle Adventures and Jungle Adventures 2, then you’ll love the latest addition to the series.

Gaa Jungle Story – In search of something to eat at midnight, our hero Adu sees a tragic scene. The beloved men of the forest were abducted by a gang of thugs.

Help Edu and his friends embark on a spectacular adventure through a strange world to save the Fur family while facing epic challenges that may block their path.

Run, jump and plunder your way through the exciting journey of Avanava Jungle Adventures 3 to experience adventure unlike any other!

Amazing new features of Jungle Adventures 3 Mode APK

Experience the amazing combination of fun and exploration.
Beautiful and stunning graphics provide amazing visuals.
Edu has new abilities and pets.
Tons of bosses for unique challenges and battles.
Easy control and amazing sound.
Added more obstacles, power-ups and achievements.

Let it be the most incredible adventure of your life! Download!

Go around and avoid obstacles using your powerful abilities against super monsters.

Run while exploring the beautiful world we created for a beautiful experience. With daily rewards for connecting you with amazing powerups for a great gameplay experience.

Enjoy as you race against time in unique bonus areas, for which you have to keep an eye on this chaos. You advance further in your adventure and face dangerous levels and survival realities on difficult jungle platforms in this battle!

Jungle Adventures 3 Mode APK

With easy to play controls, kids can also master this very fun and easy game.

Free yourself from achievements and challenge you in all new Jungle Adventures 3

Explore the world of the Ice Age and explore the secrets in jungle adventures! Escape from the dangerous monsters when you are chased by their minions. When you’re on a super adventure to explore the freedom of a beautiful safari world!

Jump on various jungle platforms and become Tarzan in this incredible adventure!

If you love platform games or adventure games, Jungle Adventures 3 is the best suite! As it comes among the top platform games and adventure games on Android!

Jungle Adventures 3 Mode APK

Action-packed gameplay!

Dive into this battle of chaos with an exciting action-packed and fun gameplay!
To experience a beautiful safari with a carefully designed world, jump, swim and surf through the jungle like Tarzan Run!

Epic Boss Battles!

End the jungle struggle by jumping on various jungle platforms and defeating dangerous bosses in this bad area!
Incredible controversy with your enemies to achieve victory!

Loyal pets!

You are not alone in stopping this jungle fight, faithful pets are there to help you in this dispute!
Fight your enemies with bears or go on fierce ostriches, or explore with many pets!

Start your incredible jungle adventure now and become the Tarzan of this jungle!

Jungle Adventures 3 Mode APK

Mode APK features provided

  • Unlimited money
  • Very few things.
    Is there
  • Unlimited fruit
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Great places
  • No ads

Jungle Adventures 3 Mode Download Unlimited Money + Unlimited Fruit + No Ads

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