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Game Name Jellypop match
Android version 5.0 and above
Category Puzzle
User reviews 4.6 out of 5 stars
Current version V
Last update March 14, 2021

What is special about Jellypop Match Mode APK game

The match involves more than 1,500 carefully crafted and repeated degrees, exactly where you can possibly collect y delicious desserts and conquer the evil witch. You can try day / night and green elbow etiquette in the same way and immerse yourself in jelly-matching enjoyable hours!

Jelly City is a picturesque village full of cookie candy and home outlets. Bingo, like everyone else, owns a huge pub at Jelly Airport, but after an evil witch charm, the shopping mall has become a ruin. For both residents of Jelly City with the director of this shopping mall, gamers should be able to win the bingo evil witch and then attract the mall to the past glory too!
Mostly, a big thank you to everyone else who presented the jellypop match!

In addition to hitting the witch in tremendous amounts, gamers can engage in many trendy events. Explore the toy castle by day and by night, decide to try your luck at the Chloe device, as well as explore the creepy Halloween cemetery. A lot of events await. Combine and you will find wild skills that are very ideal for clearing the chief plot degree.

Jelly City’s magical candies are being crushed to take the evil witch. Combine drives using hidden plump elephants capable of printing more bursting jellies like crystal jellies, volatile cat-pow marshmallows and magical vortices. With their help, you are winning the awesome witch to be sure!

Jellypop Match Mode APK

Players may have a constant bingo in their negativity throughout the entire journey, even though it’s more marijuana, right? Meat-cute two-tailed Alicia, sharp-tongued Bella, but Becky swallowed side effects. What are the stories that this personality will bring? As you reconstruct the shopping mall figure out!
The match is fully family-friendly and rated G. As addictive as sport can be, you must not forget that your lifestyle is very important!
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Jellypop Match Mode APK

Amazing new features of Jellipop Match Mode

Anything you want to wave during a dull day, Jellypop Match captured it. Loving sugar-sweet images, pleasantly simple controls, interesting doses, evil witch to win, plus extra. You’re going to rebuild dozens of reputable retailers of someone’s imagination: patisserie, candy store, blossom store, book store, cafe, fast food grocery store, toy store, cafe, chocolate bar ળ plenty of candy, candy companies that you can find to your heart’s content Is able! This unnaturally created match is sure to make you unlimited entertainment as you reinstall the structures and get a taste of the magical match three universes.

– Fill in the blanks for friends who are fresh

– Addictive gameplay using a lot of modern abilities
– Continuous

Do research on a large number of manicured malls and then look at the remains of the booming city of Jelly. Since you have restructured the shopping mall that you destroyed, you also have to look at the merchants and decide on the home furnishings! Each piece of furniture includes three or more fashions to choose from, ensuring that your creations will not look anything like your own close good friends.
Fun occasions

Jellypop Match Mode APK

– Variety and atmosphere
Get ready for your biggest upgrade to the historical past of the Jellipop match, a vibrant game, wherever you overcome your difficulties!
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Mode APK features provided

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