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Game Name Passive Miner Giant
Android version 3.3 and above
Category Simulation
User reviews 4.7 out of 5 stars
Current version v3.39.0
Last update March 20, 2021

Features and Features of Passive Miner Tycoon Android Simulation Game

Idol Miner Tycoon Mode, Unlimited Coins – A cool arcade where you can own a small mine for precious minerals like silver, gold, diamonds and others. That’s where you start your business, hire employees who will help you get valuable resources and nights, make your employees bigger and employ more employees, dig deeper and find new resources, the tools that always have your Have the option to set up for promotion or bidding or auction, get the most effective and richest person on earth by pushing your opponents and through it.

You start the match with just a couple minors. As of this moment, your centers are very early. You have almost no money and even the necessary equipment, the number of workers within the provider is not much.

Which means you have to work hard. As soon as you have absorbed some priceless jewels, you can sell them for some capital ownership. From that point on, you can start expanding your enterprise. The match is known as the Idle Miner Giant, it is the direction of the passive miners. That sounds pretty funny


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Still, that’s true. You are developing as a president, manager of a mining organization. The game is also really a simulation game, although the game god Tycoon enables you to become a member of the staff, in this game you got b. They bring value, and that means you need to use them as long as you can.

Some precious stones are rather rare, if struck on the taped, you should be blessed. It feels great to own tools that your friends don’t need.

Exciting features of the passive miner tycoon mode game

I ings automate your workflow to boost your revenue automatically

You’re earning passive money even if you’re offline
Market Benefit from a smart investment or 2 to improve your market
Employees Hire a supervisor to motivate your employees
. Each boss has a special kind of effect
Reputation feature
15 Operate about 15 Cool Mines
ખા Mine from 15 different sources: including silver, gold, ruby, moonstone, amethyst, crystal and jade
No internet connection required

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Your Idol Miner Tycoon Team

In Idol Minor Tycoon, you become the owner of an industrial capital mining company. Your job is to manage everything related to the minefield and mining process. Initially, you were given a small mine with a small number of workers and machines. Coordinate your workers harder, because you have more minerals, and your income will be higher. Use that money to get more money and increase productivity for your company. When you have more workers and gold coins, open a new one.

Even if you have to pay more, the nel nada tunnel, the more valuable minerals you have and the more profitable it will be. The game also offers sophisticated machinery to help you keep your job. Upgrade them to increase productivity. However, when you have multiple tunnels, think about hiring more managers. They will manage the work in the pit as well as the speed of the workers, which will help the workers to work harder. There are different types of management; Each manager will create different effects. With very effective administrators, the cost is very high

Inactive Miner Tycoon Mod Apk

The game offers 10 mines, each with different resources such as coal, gold, ruby, moon, purple sapphire, crystal or jade. With so many mines, you will have a hard time playing this game. However, they do give you a lot of dollars if you know how to manage it. The good advice for you is to take good care of your mine until it becomes productive and moves on to the next mine.
Have you agreed to run the mining industry and become the richest yet? Download this game because they are in use, they have no ads, do not buy real money and are completely free. In particular, with this game, your mine will be active when flying offline, allowing you to earn more money. You don’t even need a network connection, and you can experience this game at any time. So still hesitant, make yourself in the great mining sector of the capital industry right now.

Mode APK features provided

  • Unlimited money
  • Unlimited coins
  • Free purchase
  • Infinite cash
  • Unlocked
  • No ads

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