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Game Name Heroes Infinite RPG
Android version 1.1 and above
Category Play a part
User reviews 4.4 out of 5
Current version V 1.34.01
Size 202 MB

What is the Story of Heroes Infinite RPG Mod Apk

Stunning action RPG filled with a variety of heroism, adventure and creatures and mythology.
Dive into the world of Heroes Infinity and start your epic journey from many countries and cities. Collect and build an epic team of your heroes to achieve victory.

Heroes Infinity is a unique action game developed by DIVMOB Company. The game offers exciting adventures with many gods and various magical creatures. Immerse yourself in the world of endless heroes and embark on your legendary adventure journey through land and city. Collect and build a strong squad to win.

Awesome new features of Heroes Infinite RPG Mod Apk

Epic God
1: – Real-time strategy battle full of dynamic effects and varied skill animations.
2: – Many heroes are waiting for you to be unlocked and join them in a powerful team.

Structural game
1: – Power-ups, tie-ups, rank ups and gear ups, to prepare your heroes in their fight for justice.
2: – Wisely invite your heroes to win the next battles.

Excessive game mode
1: – Adventure Mode: Defeat your enemies and gain experience and make your heroes right.

2: – Skyscraper: Challenge your epic team by conquering many levels of increasing difficulty.

:: – Star Gates: Collect shark pieces of all the heroes to summon the mysterious heroes.

4: – Training area: Develop your skills with the hero in battle to win.

5: – Boss Party: Fight with the legendary boss and get unique rewards.

6: – Super Boss: Stay focused on staying close to the boss. Your epic team will have to compete hard.

Heroes Infinite RPG Mod Apk

Terrible PVP Battles!
1: – Prove your team’s strength and strategy in 5 vs 5 battles!
2: – Compete with other players in the leaderboard and go your way to the top of the PVP.

Friends and conversation!
1: – Guild Farm with other players.
2: – Fight together and earn great rewards.
:: – Make your guild the most powerful in the world.

Arena and Qatar

Arena in Heroes Infinity is a special game mode: Fantasy Legend Off online line Fly RPG, where you can fight with other players for higher ranks.

This mode will provide “Arena Points” after each engagement. The Arena Arena store has materials for exchanging valuables.

In arena mode, there are 4 islands, including Tokyo, Cairo, Athens and Lo Slo. Os Slow Island is not yet open, so players can only experience the remaining three islands.

On each island, players need to form a group to participate in matches. You can fight with other players on the island to get higher rank, which means higher arena points.

You can get 55 gems with daily missions to attack other players 7 times. Or you can also earn a lot of gems and arena points while achieving outstanding achievements.

Heroes Infinite RPG Mod Apk

Infinite heroes of different religions and generals: Fantasy Legend Off Online Line Flying RPG allows gamers to choose from a variety of commanders in their tasks such as attack.

With the attack feature, you should choose gods like Achilles, Athena, Ares, Thor, etc … All these religions have extraordinary attack statistics although their defensive capacity is low.

With the exception of the defensive religions Perseus, Odin, Yamir, etc., the service commander will build defenses and attack more successfully in conflict. In addition, the game also provides a set of effective deities to manage the damage of magic such as Dracula, Santa Claus, Marie Curie,….

Real strategic battles are represented by spectacular effects. With many beautiful skills corresponding to the abilities of the gods. Every god has the ability to upgrade strength, frame and rank to prepare for justice battles. You can equip your commander to power up.

In battle, you need to call on God in the most strategic way to win and receive valuable rewards. In each situation, combining different generals produces surprising effects, which in turn can turn the situation around.


Match Each match will be with a 5-on-5 lineup. Everyone should show his team strong and good tricks to defeat the opponent. Go with players to improve your skills and put yourself in higher rankings. Use special tricks and clever combinations of deities to turn the defeat into victory, change the situation.

Heroes Infinite RPG Mod Apk

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