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Game Name Defense Legend 3
Android version 1.1 and above
Category Strategy
User reviews 4.5 out of 5 stars
Current version
Last update

What’s special about Defense Legend 3 Mode APK

Defense Legend 3: Long-Term Warfare, Tower Defense_Defense Legend inherits and develops one of the most sought after alternatives, Defense Legend 3: Long-Term Warfare, in addition, introduces new features for example: superheroes, weapon diversity And a variety of maps.

Defense Legend 3 – Probable War: We are delighted to present the second part of this tower defense match show. Defense Legend 3: Using a potential battle will be an exciting adventure with you.
Tower Defense 2 closed. Part of this is escaping and intending to strengthen their powers to strike at our society.
Combo of Role Playing and Protection Really Defense Legend 3: In a potential battle is really a task. The ball gamer arises that with the trick there is also a commander super hero who has fifty forces that are evil.

Stunning new features of Defense Legend 3 mode APK

The new feature variant II has been updated and the enemy has been improved.
+ BF1-III (Stealth Bomber – Future-III): Next – Creation BF1 fighters fight together with five planes that take to destroy most of the enemies that carry the bomb.
+ Supergun-FII: Model II of this Supergun-F, which acts as a cannon using a nuclear weapon. Poor destruction. The shooting variety is modest. Version II has been updated with auto-attack features.
+ Hellfire Spot II: Update Hell-Fire Spot with a faster rate shoot that destroys most enemies in this way.
Number MAP variation
Players are finally ready to become a commander or a hero who is powerful enough to defeat the enemy. Benefit from Protection Legend 3: Long War!
Defense Legend 3: Long-Term Warfare acquires and increases both the most weapons that have attracted success in Tower Defense II: Defense Legend 2.
+ LDC-055-G3 (Landmine Consortium_ Generation-III): Next – Creation supports land-mines if large numbers of enemy troops.

Defense Legend 3 Mode APK

In the Arctic property or hill દ્વારા VV through the sexy desert we will struggle in many different terrains
+ A-BS-II (Air Bomb Storm): Tremendous weapons are produced from the army. Weapons unify energy from the atmosphere and release large amounts of energy to get rid of enemies.

+ Armed forces not only update old weapons, but also grow new weapons to fight the dark forces
+ UXO-W-II (Unexplained Ordnance-Waves-II): The second generation sound waves have also been updated with an increased energy speed compared to the previous generation and produce audio dio waves that wreak havoc on enemies on a large scale.
Back to Tower Defense Two: Defense Legend Two, we definitely need to struggle in different terrains that really force us to find the best / best strategy for each area. It shows that we can certainly overcome most or any situation with the best / best trick. Defense Legend 3: The Long War will surprise many of these gamers.
+ IA-III (Ice-Age-III): Ice tide has given off a stench to all enemies in a guaranteed length of time.
Superhero is actually a new feature that creates a gap for defense Legend 3: Potential Battle. Moreover, the weapon will always be upgraded so that players get a fresh approach. Together, the evil forces develop more and more new monsters that make it harder for gamers. Players must have an elastic plan to address them. These enemy chefs take part in struggles that increase the difficulty for gamers.

Defense Legend 3 Mode APK

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