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Game Name Cut rope time travel
Android version 1.1 and above
Category Puzzle
User reviews 4.5 out of 5 stars
Current version v1.15.0
Last update 13 March 2021

What is the specialty of cutting rope time travel mode apk

Join Om Nom as he returns from time to time to feed his ancestors candy. Cut the Rope: Time Travel is a brand new adventure full of time travel, candy-crunching, physics-based action!

Cut the rope: time-travel will be chosen by you You choose the piece of rope! There is almost no chance of missing out! Exciting places like Stone Age, Renaissance, Pirate Ship, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Dark Ages, Disco Period, Wild-West, Asian Dynasty, Industrial Industrial Revolution and the near future.

The ancestors of Om Nom are all currently waiting and they are really starving to death! As opposed to the game, the box has a rate of 1-5 degrees. The story begins in 2013, when it looks like a period system in Orim Nom’s chamber that he immediately expects to take a sheet of candy.

Adequate timing system smells and opens in Om Nom’s candy. The monster tries to get it back, however, it’s time to squeeze out of the system. It feels too heavy to make it. He tries to drive outside, however, he has been pumped straight, allowing Om Nom to travel. On 20 February 17, the game consists of 1 2 period intervals: the Middle Ages are the early ages. Om Nom matches his ancestor, who wore a helmet.

The collars have all been introduced, and the play is certainly with exactly the same purpose, but can be broken using a blade and violating the candy. This can be your epoch in functions as an opening for purchase and beginners.

The Renaissance includes the ancestor of yet another Om Nom, who, despite having feathers in his hat, also has a brass beard and mustache, which resembles a picture of renewed scientists and musicians. Time Freeze will be your bottom supplier for this particular amount of package as it provides the command although it also presents atmospheric pillows and spikes. Epoch in shopping is here. The pirate ship presents bombs that explode on impact, throwing each of the local objects and introducing a rebounding stage that rebounds objects.

The ancestor also always looks like a hunter, smokes a cigarette pipe and wears a hat. Epoch in shopping is here. Egypt Historic Egypt includes travel candy that follows yet another candy and rocket speed. The ancestor is also putting blue and white names, which is the king’s headdress. Here is, moreover, epoch in shopping. Greece is donating laurel wreaths to historic Greece ancestor.

Eager to learn more about Om Nom’s adventures? Check out the “Om Nom Stories” cartoon and other amazing videos on our YouTube channel!

With two lovely monsters to feed on each level, cut the rope: time travel is fun but it is familiar to play. If you cut the rope, then you want to cut the rope: time travel!

No time to waste! Visit exciting sites including Middle Ages, Renaissance, Pirate Ship, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Stone Age, Disco Era, Wild West, Asian Dynasty, Industrial Revolution and the Future. Om Nom’s ancestors are waiting – and they’re really hungry candy!

Cut the rope: Time travel

Amazing new features of Cut Thriller Rope Time Travel Travel Mode APK

Two systems with Om Nom along with its ancestors are found in every degree, so at any given moment a single monster occurs. A switch switches to the stage as the candy moves forward. Portals have also been introduced through this era and shopping can also be your epoch. Stone-age ancestors are typically larger than Om Normand, with a few areas around the abdomen as well as a bone for the ribbon of the mind.

Yet, it is clear that this is the age of order. Disco Period is donating hair from ancestor Bug-Eye Wavy and sunglasses, in which the look mimics 70s sculptures. The gamer needs to turn off the beam lighting (which destroys the candy) using the aid of the disco part. Here is, moreover, epoch in shopping. The Wild-West ancestor donated a Western woman’s hat, including gray hair and a mustache. In addition, it receives wheat from the area from its mouth.

This play has the ability to enter with candy with a bright rope to connect with 1 rope. Epoch in shopping is here. The ancestors of the Asian dynasty donate coats and very long white flowers. To a degree, the weather can be hidden by a new hand fan that is Chinese within this era. Epoch in shopping is here. The ancestor of the industrial age sported a black hat, resembling a magical jacket that was cut using a mustache.

Cut the rope: Time travel

Within this time, the magnet buttons get connected to each other by candy. Also, this is the fastest era in history and in chronological shopping it can be your epoch. Incoming ancestors (or perhaps more appropriate infants) are donating gloves and helmets like the future. In addition, that robot also appears.

This degree comes with radio candy that goes with the potential Om Nom system. It requires the conclusion of their series. In chronological configuration it is the previous epoch, however, it is quite clear. Nothing fresh is included in the parallel-universe because it is the choice of previous ancestors.

Mode APK features provided

  • Infinite signs
  • Power
  • Unlocked
  • No ads

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