Shooting Online shooting games have covered the entire gaming population and transformed all our enthusiasts into Army men. Nowadays, you can download such games directly on your smartphone and enjoy a free PC-like interface on your Android smartphone. All you need is a good internet connection. During the last Covid-19 affected year, the number of shooting or PUBG gamers has increased to billions. But unfortunately, PUBG was banned in India and some other countries!

Game Name Counter Attack Team 3D Shooter
Android version 1.1 and above
Category Action
User reviews 4.0 out of 5 stars
Current version v1.2.42
Last update

Don’t think more about PUBG Mobile, because that’s the real life where things come and go! We need to adjust to what we have except what we have lost in the last few days. Stop imagining negative thoughts and start saving in more advanced games like Counter Attack: Multiplayer FPS. Counter Attack: Multiplayer FPS is basically the Android version of Counter-Strike which has most of the same maps and weapons with challenging global gamers.

There are a lot of in-app purchases behind role-playing in the game, to sustain any new weapons, you need to pay! If you want to avoid such gaming payments, download Counter Attack Multiplayer: Enjoy free enthusiastic gaming with FPS MOD APK and all unlocked weapons and their skins. Stop dreaming about PUBG Mobile and try this beast to be amazed!

Play the best Esport multiplayer FPS game with amazing graphics

Are you a shooting gamer freak? If yes, you must hear at least once about the most beloved global shooting game, Counter-Strike! Yes, it is a shroud and a game of Minati! Now can you imagine an Android game with counter-strike features and components? It’s definitely possible with one of the most downloaded shootings on the Google Play Store – Counter Attack: Multiplayer FPS.

It is a ditto copy of Counter-Strike and contains maps similar to most maps physical games. Moreover, it will also offer you a multi-line multiplayer modes and a similar gaming interface with different types of weapons. Just download Counter Attack: Multiplayer FPS, and start immersion gaming today!

Enjoy the most incredible shooting modes like giant PC games

Mods are the spirit of shooting games because no one can tolerate a gaming mode, be it a Roy Tall Royal or Team Deathmatch. With that in mind, Counter Attack Multiplayer FPSA has installed a number of gaming modes within that personalized gaming interface! Primarily, you can enjoy all of the following modes of the game –

  • Bomb reduction – It is the first and most exciting gaming mode of Counter Attack multiplayer FPS. You are here to choose one of two teams, a terrorist or a counter-terrorist and to complete the right mission before the rival team to be the winner. Either drop bombs or beat all your rivals!
  • Team Deathmatch – Team Deathmatch Counter Attack is the team mode of multiplayer FPS, where you can fight with a rival team by teaming up with 4 different players. In the end, the team with the most kills wins the match.
  • Gun game – Gun Game is the most satirical shooting mode in Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS, where you have to fight for yourself among 10 different gamers. You can download the game and start with this enthusiastic mode!
  • Training with AI mode – From the name itself, you can imagine that it is a practice mode where you can develop hundreds of shooting skills and use different weapons plus control styles.

A time to be busy with a variety of maps and weapons

You have so many maps and weapons to play shooting games because these are the assets that will not make you bored while playing Counter Attack: Multiplayer FPS. First, the game will provide you with hundreds of weapons, including the Glock, USP, Tech-9, BM4, M4K10, MP3S, UMP45, AK47, M4A1, French Assault, AUG, Magnum and Scout. Moreover, you can also enjoy various throwables such as Molotov cocktails, frig grenades, smoke grenades and flash grenades.

Aside from shooting weapons, you’ll also enjoy five different location maps here, which are upgraded every month, in Frenzy, Iraq, District, Snow Yard, and Morocco. So stop getting bored and download Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS to enjoy the most extraordinary benefits.

Counter Attack Team 3D Shooter Mode APK

Go to the modified version to get the advanced benefits

Are you tired of dreaming about the premium weapons of Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS? It is not possible to achieve all that by mere dreams. I don’t suggest you struggle within the game and make money buying it. Stop Aging Addictions and Download Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS MOD APK.

It is an all-rounder version of the facial game with Ditto gaming interface with hundreds of additional benefits. You can download this game from the link below and install it on any Android smartphone just to get access to any game property. Stop dreaming and do the job of Counter Attack: Multiplayer FPS MOD APK!

Enjoy unlimited money support for endless purchases

Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS MOD APK’s Unlimited Money is the first and most ambitious privilege. Don’t buy add-purchases from within the entire game, just the weapons and their skins that require a lot of money to acquire. But after installing Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS MOD APK, you can buy all the premium weapons with classic skins for free. Download it ASAP!

Download the change and go ad free with zeal

And advertising within online Android games is just an annoyance, and it irritates a lot of gamers while playing online. But our Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS MOD APK is completely away from this annoyance. You can download the change and enjoy 100% ad-free interface on your favorite gaming modes and maps. Enjoy this!

Counter Attack Team 3D Shooter Mode APK

Run on any Android smartphone, either original or not

Being technical, you may have heard many times about modified app to work only on native smartphones. But Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS MOD APK is a convenient change which simply means that it does not require any kind of root access.

You can taste this game in almost all Android OS versions, from Android 4 to Android 11! Just click the link below and start your extraordinary shooting journey!

Mode APK features provided

  • Unlimited money
  • Increased hitting rewards
  • No ads

Download Counter Attack Team 3D Shooter Mode APK + (Unlimited Money / No Ads).

Download your mod game

Last touch

Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS MOD APK – Time to apply for the most enjoyable journey! Now you are all good and can download the game from the green giant download button below. Just break that button and start enjoying all the premium features and add-ons of the game! Enjoy!

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