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Game Name Babble Burst Rival Mode APK
Android version 4.4 and above
Category Puzzle
User reviews 4.5 out of 5 stars
Current version v3.2.0
Last update

What is the specialty of Bebled Burst rival mode APK

Babble Burst Rival Mode APK Famous Japanese manga Babbled: is a fighting game based on metal fusion. It’s a side-scrolling, action-packed bit m video. It features many of the anime’s most popular babbled characters and has received rave reviews from various gaming enthusiasts. This game allows the player to use different colored beams of energy raja to fight against opponent bubbles.

Bayblade first surfaced in 2021. Since then, it has gained popularity not only in Japan but also in the rest of Asia and Europe. The Bebled community is a close group of friends who gather in a chat room and discuss anything and everything related to the Bebled. The game is so popular that many people dedicate themselves to learning the art of biblade with different strategies. As a result, there are now an estimated twelve to twenty Bebled schools worldwide. Each of these schools organizes weekly tournaments as well as tournaments every week.

Features of the game

Quick Pitch Match 3 Beblade Fights

Uncover two epic techniques in battle!
Use two of your favorite techniques, such as Rush Lunch, Counter Brake, Quick Lunch, and more!
Rotate your seeds between rounds to complete your strategy!

Babble Burst Rival Mode APK

Fight face to face with your favorite bladders, BYS and avatars

Collect and use all your favorite bees in battles including Victory Voltric, Storm Spring, Raging Rocktower, Xeno Exclusive, Lost Lanor and more!
Fight with all your favorite characters including Vult, Agar, Rentaro, Diego, Ken, Wikia, Xander, Zack, Shoe, Louis and more!
Activate your dedicated avatars, charge, sit and see their explosive effects on board
Challenge the best bladders!

Rare avatars, bladders and B.Y.Y.S. Collect

Find rare and spectacular loot by opening two busses!
Collect, incarnate and manage your avatars, bladders, and bees, and use your power strategically in battle!
The more powerful the bladder or B, the better their stats, strengths and abilities!
New bladders and bees are added all the time!

Create an arsenal of rare BEYS

Build an arsenal of your rare seeds and fight them with Bastidium!
Collect 5-star bees to unlock new Bey technologies!
Gain experience and level up your seeds to unlock your true potential!

Babble Burst Rival Mode APK

Be the best bladder in the world

Take part in tournaments at wonderful places like mountains, beaches and national stadiums!
Train your Bayes arsenal by fighting in Quick Play!
Participate in special weekly tournaments for epic prizes!
Beat the great bladders and earn your place in history!

Mode APK features provided

  • Money increases with expenses!
  • Free purchase
  • Unlimited Gems

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