Gaming has become an integral part of life right now as it helps to develop many skills such as problem solving, logical skills, planning, resource management, multitasking, quick thinking, and much more. Nowadays, you can play your favorite games with the best graphic quality, and immerse audio Dio Generation directly on your smartphone, whether it’s Android or iOS.

So today we are here with the most downloaded and favorite simulation games – Avakin Life. Here in this article, you will find complete knowledge about Avakin Life, its features and modified version of this game – Avakin Life MOD APK, which is full of premium and paid benefits.

Game Name Avkin Life Mode APK
Android version 1.1 and above
Category Play a part
User reviews 4.4 out of 5 stars
Current version V 1.050.01
Last update March 19, 2021

Avkin Life APK is a game in both categories – simulation and role playing. Here in this game, you will experience a highly designed 3D world where you can observe exceptional buildings, paradises, and meet new people and chat with them, make friends with them and much more. . Moreover, it will start with your own avatar which you can choose as desired and customize it in various ways like design, decorations, clothes, assets and many more fashionable Vara Rebels. It is a game of endless entertainment.

Awkward life

Role-playing and simulation games are everyone’s favorite because they show real life gaming and most multiplayer games. Avakin Life is the most ambitious simulation game on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. It was started in December 2013 by Lockwood Publishing Limited. Right now, it ranks as the # 10 top-earning role-playing game on the Google Play Store, with over 50,000,000 downloads and 2.7 million positive user ratings on the Google Play Store.

Basically, the game starts with the creation and customization of avatars. Here in this game, you will receive more than ten different avatars, from where you can choose the one you want and also customize the crispy username for your account. After prioritizing avatars, you’ll find four different options for making friends, customizing, or styling your look, decorating, and hitting homes and building missions.

Avkin Life Mode APK

Avakin Life APK lets you style your avatar in a variety of ways as you can customize your hair, eyebrows, ears, beard, makeup and more. In addition, the game also has a number of fashionable paid assets through which you can customize your avatar. You can buy clothes, earrings, suits, hats, goggles and much more by spending diamonds and coins. The game is 100% lifetime because here you can buy ments apartments, visit bars and clubs, get jobs to earn money, play games, make friends and visit their apartments. Must play this game and enjoy his lifelong experience on your smartphone.

Avkin Life Mode APK

Avakin Life MOD APK

If we compare it with any other simulation and role-playing games available on the Google Play Store, Akakin Life is the best game as it offers 100% real gaming and wealth experience. But most of the assets available in the game have been paid and can only be acquired after purchasing coins and diamonds. But there are a lot of boys who can’t afford that much for a simulation game. So don’t worry if you are one of those people, in this article from here, we are posting a modified version of this game – Avkain Life MOD APK. This variant will offer you unlimited coins and diamonds, and it also comes with all the items purchased, so you don’t have to worry about anything.


Avakin Life MOD APK comes with the same game interface as the APK Facial Game. But that includes the extra free assets you won’t find in any other type. So out of all its flawless features, we’ve listed the following essentials –

Unlimited money

Aside from avatars, MOD Avakin Life has a variety of properties available such as hats, goggles, apparel, watches, shoes and much more. But to get all this wealth, you have to use coins and diamonds which you can get only by spending thousands of rupees. In this game, the price of coins starts from 40.00 INR per bundle which gives you 690 coins, and ends at 2750.00 INR which gives you 49000 coins. But Avakin Life APK offers you unlimited coins and diamonds, so you don’t have to spend real money for each and everything available in the game.

Avkin Life Mode APK

Buy anything

The Ak Wakin Life MOD APK is the same as the official game and comes with the same virtual currency as well as the same amount of paid assets. But after downloading this variant, you can buy anything that needs free money such as any partitions, access to any big club, and also get all the apparels and styling assets for free. It’s not great


There are various hearings that most modified apps restrict your official facial gaming accounts for 10 years which does you a lot of harm. But while playing this game, you will not have to worry about it, as this modified game comes with an anti-ban script, which enables you to experience all its exceptional features without provoking an account ban.

The world of incarnations

We have already mentioned that this game is 100% real and lifestyle. So this game also includes an exceptional variety of avatars. You can also customize those avatars with fashionable paid assets for free using MOD Avakin Life. So it should be downloaded and use this feature at least once, it will amaze you.

Mode APK features provided

  • Unlimited spaces
  • Buy everything
  • Chat color
  • Boost level
  • Anti-ban

Download Avakin Life Mode APK (Unlocked Clothes, Chat Color, Boost Level, Teleport)

Download your mod game


It was the last few years that gaming was only released for large consoles, computers, etc., but now, the era has changed, and this technology has applied gaming advances to smaller smartphones. Now you can play your favorite high-end games directly on your smartphone.

Avakin Life MOD APK is one of the most compatible versions of the game, and it can work on any configuration Android device on Android 4.4. In addition, it comes with anti-ban scripts so you don’t have to worry before playing it with your official facial gaming account. So download it now and join the world of virtual realism with this Unlimited wealth.

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