Immersive technology is directly proportional to the sinking difficulties. As technology advances day by day, many new software, applications and drivers are released every day. But this growth also brought with it many problems, such as using more than ten email accounts, more than five social services, one app but different accounts and more.

So to get you out of some of these problems, today we’ve come up with a new-generation Android app that basically uses the same features and login gin accounts – duplicate app creation – app cloner. Except for the app, we will acknowledge all the features available in the app cloner. In addition, this article also includes a modified version of App Cloner – App Cloner Premium APK, which will help you experience premium features for free.

Application name Application Cloner Premium
Android version 1.1 and above
Category Tools
User reviews 4.6 out of 5 stars
Current version v2.10.1
Last update March 21, 2021

By default, the application cloner acts as a completely parallel space. It creates duplicate applications for any single application you want, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Paytm and much more. But this app includes more features than parallel space as this app can create cloned apps directly in the phone storage as well as allow you to change the permissions and features of the cloned app. So simply, it is a fantastic application with amazing features and you will not find any other application cloner protocol with features similar to this bit app.

Aside from cloning the app, the app cloner can also make a lot of extra magical changes to the cloned app. It has plenty of complementary features such as it can enable Google Maps support in clones which is not enabled on many cloning platforms. It will allow you to update the cloned application as well as downgrade that application to a previous version (automatic backup). Moreover, you can also use cheat scripts in games without worrying about the ban issue with this app.

That was all the benefits of the app, but to get all these benefits, you first have to buy its premium version, which is basically 200.00 INR. But the premium version of the app cloner only gives you the benefit of experiencing all the premium features available in it. However, there are still many additional paid add-ons available in the app, such as Google Maps support for 2 220.00, secure update tool for 130 130.00, manifest and resource tool for 20 220.00, and runtime modding options. Charge 130.00 INR.

If you are concerned by observing this more carefully, please calm down in this article from here, we will provide you an improved version of App Cloner – App Cloner Premium APK. This application will provide you with all the premium features available in the application cloner application as well as some add-ons support. So just go to the full article and download this app now to take a closer look at its built-in features.

Application cloner

This decade has seen the emergence of numerous new services globally, such as Instagram, Facebook, Slack, WhatsApp, Twitter and VWork, and to this day, people have come into full contact with all of these services. But these expanding services are also encouraged for very different difficulties, which are increasing day by day. Handling numerous social accounts of this service is a very immersive problem. Nowadays, everyone has 2 Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram accounts as well as many email and gaming accounts, making it difficult to manage each account.

So after seeing this dilemma of the 2010-20 decade, App Listo released an Android App App Cloner on November 17, 2018, through which, you can create app clones and easily manage all your accounts with 2 to 3 clones. Would. An application. If we talk about it right now, the app cloner has 1,00,000 users worldwide as well as 13K user ratings which is a tremendous growth if we look at 2 years. Aside from that, right now, App Cloner ranks # 1 on the Google Play Store as one of the top-earning libraries and demo apps.

Using App Cloner, you can instantly create and install endless copies of your already installed apps. Moreover, this sleek app offers you exceptional user interfaces that give the app a simple look and ease of use. Using this professional app, even a 5th-grade toddler can easily clone existing apps without any hassle.

Application Cloner Premium APK

App Cloner is a 100% ad-free application, so you don’t have to spend money to get rid of ads. But not a single Android app has yet been made without in-app purchases. However, to get every special feature available in this app, even to clone the app, you have to buy a premium version of this app, which is basically priced at INR 220.00. Aside from the features, there are still plenty of add-ons available in the application cloner, which will help you modify the clone application in a variety of ways. These do-ons will surprise you, but one of the most damaging drawbacks is that these aids cost 220.00 IN for each. Is expensive.

App Cloner Premium APK

After going through the above sections, you can imagine the application cloner as a dysfunctional application, but in the backend, you can’t find any application cloning protocol on the Google Play Store with features like application cloner and add-ons. So to help all our visitors, we have posted the premium version of App Cloner – App Cloner Premium APK in this article here. By default, App Cloner Premium APK is a modified Android application with a premium version of App Cloner attached to it. Moreover, this app is 100% error free as our professional team has already tested this app in some different configuration devices so you can use it without worrying about anything. So download this app right now and manage your numerous accounts with zero difficulty.


App Cloner is a great platform for creating duplicates of your application as it has a lot of features. Also, if your phone already has a built-in app cloner feature, you must try this app at least once and it will amaze you with all its additional features. Other than that, we’ve listed the following features along with its full features, a must go through –

Clone premium apps

If you already have an in-built app cloner in your phone and you’re still bothered by app compatibility issues, you must use this app at least once. App Cloner Premium APK lets you clone any standalone app available on the Google Play Store whether it’s Facebook, WhatsApp or Paytm, Google Pay. You can comfortably create a clone or duplicate variant for any one application.

Create multiple application clones

Built-in and all other cloning protocols only allow you to create a single clone for each application, and no one has that much space to store two or more cloning tools in the same device. So what if you have three to four WhatsApp accounts and only two WhatsApp apps? That’s why App Cloner Premium APA has created a feature in the app, through which you can easily create endless clones of a single application on it without spending a single rupee.

Customize icons

Some giant guys prefer to give their smartphone software software their desired design and style. In that case, tremendous launchers were developed that provide themes as well as application icon customization. But by downloading App Cloner Premium APK, you do not need to install any launcher on the phone, because by installing it, you will also get access to customize the cloned app icon in your way.

Edit features and approvals

Aside from creating duplicates, customizing icons, and changing phone addresses, you can also use this app as a navigator. App Cloner Premium APK offers you a built-in feature that lets you change or modify app features as well as permissions. So basically, we can say that the application cloned by the app cloner works and it looks the same as the officially installed apps.

Application Cloner Premium APK

Change or hide Android data

Security and privacy are the two main pillars on which the smartphone stands. If one of these two pillars falls down, anyone can steal our confidential and significant data as well as damage our device. So to enhance the security of your device, App Cloner Premium AP offers you a brilliant feature. With this feature, you can change your smartphone’s IP address, Wi-Fi MAC address, IMEI, Google ID and Google Advertising ID while using its cloned application. This flawless feature will help you hide your important addresses while surfing online using that app. With this identity, a hacker can easily hack your secret information.

Mode APK features provided

  • Premium unlocked
  • Quick UI
  • No ads

Download App Cloner Premium APK (Premium Unlocked)

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App Cloner Premium APK is a modified version of the App Facial App Cloner application that has all the same features available in it along with the same application interface. The main reason behind publishing this modified app is to provide you with all its premium features as well as free support of some add-ons.

Moreover, this app is 100% ad and bug free, so you don’t have to worry about anything before you install it in your device. Download it now and enjoy all the premium support available in this mysterious app, or still, if you have any questions, you must comment them below. Enjoy this.

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