The craze of video online video streaming is increasing day by day in every country as it provides more advanced content than TV channels. If you’re using video online video streaming services, you can stream movies, web series, cartoon shows, religious shows and other TV shows at the same cable connection prices. Moreover, it offers Ultra HD quality content as well as exceptional music features. Multinational trillion-dollar company Amazon has also launched its own streaming online streaming service called Amazon Prime. So today, in this article, we will discuss Amazon Prime, its features as well as provide you with a magical app – Amazon Prime MOD APK that will help you experience Amazon’s Prime subscription for free.

Application name Amazon Prime
Android version 3.3 and above
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User reviews 4.4 out of 5 stars
Current version v3.0.292.6347
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Amazon Prime is the world’s second most popular OTT platform after Netflix, with more than a million active observers. In India alone, tremendous users are using the Amazon Prime OTT platform as the first source of entertainment. Amazon Prime’s core business is its streaming service, and it is a co-brand of multinational customer-centric company Amazon. It was recently launched about 5 to 6 years ago, and in just this short time it has conquered more than a million content vouchers and become one of the most popular OTT platforms in the world.

It is one of the most fun OTT platforms to include movies, web series, TV shows, etc. Moreover, the platform is family friendly, which means that in this application here, you will find all kinds of data categorized with each age group, genre, graphic and more. So if you get bored of this epidemic sitting at home, you have to use this service at least once because the content available in this platform is endless, and it will surprise you in many ways.

India is one of the most populous countries and even in India Amazon Prime has made its place with a lot of observers. India is the second most populous country in the world and includes more than 20 languages. Amazon Prime was the first to launch its service globally with more than 22 languages ​​including mother tongue Hindi as well as well known English with 4 to 5 Indian languages. Still, it is constantly updating new languages. Even if you are from any corner of India, you can easily understand Amazon Prime content because of its effect interface.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is one of the most ambitious OTT video streaming platforms with millions of users. Basically, it’s an Amazon product and offers billions of hours of exclusive content that can entertain you anywhere and anytime. Amazon Prime Video was recently released by Amazon Mobile LLC on December 13, 2016. So far, it has won over 100,000,000 downloads on the Google Play Store with 100,000 positive user reviews. In terms of ratings, Amazon Prime Video is rated as 4.4 * on the Google Play Store and ranks as the # 6 Top Free Entertainment Source on the Play Store.

Amazon Prime Video is an Android + iOS app originally available on the Google Play Store and App Store. This application is based on OTT streaming service Amazon Prime which you can win only after subscribing to Amazon Prime membership. We can call this service a co-product of the Amazon Prime subscription, which primarily costs a lot of money. Amazon Prime is serving it in more than 200 countries and territories. In India too, Amazon Prime has surpassed the OTT readership after providing its formidable Indian language content as well as older released movies, shows and cartoons.

But to get getting access to any single show or movie on this platform, you must subscribe to the Amazon Prime subscription, which mainly costs 129.00 INR per month or 999.00 INR per year. To learn more about this subscription, read the next section carefully. You will also receive a download link for the improved version of Amazon Prime Video App App – Amazon Prime MOD APK. So you must download it and enjoy all the main features for free.

Why Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Video is one of the most crowded OTT platforms with four times more content than the most popular Netflix OTT service. Amazon Prive Video Almost every type of video is available worldwide, whether it’s a movie, a TV show or a web series. If we talk about today, 2020, Amazon Prime Video is providing you with more than 200 million hours of entertainment, as well as many millions of hours of original Amazon exclusive content like Mirzapur, Made in Heaven, Breath, Uncle Vidyakhi Hamare. Aside from shows, there are many reasons to use Amazon Prime as your default OTT platform because it comes with more than 22 global languages, you can download shows and movies in its offline flyline virtual storage for later viewing, and much more. So this article should be read only to know the features available in Prime OTT.

Amazon Prime MOD APK

Every Amazon original show and movie available in Amazon Prime Video is very unique, exceptional and very entertaining. Aside from the original content, it includes huge Bollywood, Hollywood and other regional movies, as well as children’s cartoon shows and learning shows.

But to get access to every show available in Amazon Prime Video, you must subscribe to its main subscription, which costs INR 129.00 INR per month or INR 999.00 per year. But after paying the domestic cable connection bill, no one likes to pay extra bills for streaming material. So, if you want to stream any Amazon Prime content and can’t afford its expensive subscription, today, we are here for you with an improved magical app – Amazon Prime MOD APK. I think you may have defined this app by its name. Yes, this app will give you a free subscription to Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon Prime Mode APK

In addition, the Amazon Prime Cracked APK will also give you unlimited grant access to all the content available on Amazon Prime Video. So after downloading Prime Video MOD APK, you can access all your favorite movies and web shows anywhere and anytime.


Amazon Prime Video MOD APK is a modified or cracked application of the official Amazon Prime Video. But most of its features are the same as the app facial app with a few extra modifications. Prime Video MOD APK will provide you with non-interrupted entertainment as well as top quality content. Listed below are most essential features available in this application –

More than 10 languages

India is known as a country of languages ​​as it has the largest number of languages ​​in the world. There are more than 20 regional languages ​​available in India, of which two are the most popular languages ​​- Hindi and English. So this Amazon Prime Cracked APK has recreated that it will provide you content in a total of 22 global languages ​​as well as five Indian languages, which are Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada. This means that people from any corner of India, English, Tamil or any region can be entertained with this exceptional application.

No ads

Amazon Prime Video MOD APK will provide you with a low full app interface as well as you can experience 100% ad-free interface in this app so that you never get interrupted while viewing the content of your choice. This modified app is virtually free of banner ads. So you should enjoy this feature interface by downloading this Amazon Prime Cracked APK from the link given below.

Download and watch And Fly

If you are using YouTube right now, you must know about offline fly download facility and virtual storage. So Prime Video MOD APK has the same features. When using this Amazon Prime Cracked APK, you can easily download your favorite content to its virtual storage for later viewing without internet connection. Watching a video online takes more data than it downloads. So must use this exceptional feature of Amazon Prime Video MOD APK. It will amaze you.

UHD quality

No one can ignore the quality between entertainment because quality is the most important factor when watching a movie, listening to a song, playing a game or doing anything for fun. So it is a very bright feature available in Amazon Prime Video MOD APK, where you can watch every content available in 4K HD quality Prime Video and experience the show as a reality.

Amazon Originals

In addition to all the extra features available in the Amazon Prime Video MOD APK, this feature is my personal favorite. Being in this app, you can surf Amazon original content without paying a single penny. If you’ve ever watched a single Amazon original show or movie, you must know about the brilliant quality, story-line, audio dio codec and everything in their content. Moreover, Prime Video MOD APK, such as Mirzapur, Chacha Vidhahak Hi Hamare, Kik Mixtan and many more are available, there are also many Amazon Mazon original Hindi content available.

Mode APK features provided

  • Prime subscription
  • Unlocked HD streaming
  • No ads

Download Amazon Prime Mode APK with Subscription / Premium

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In this age of streaming online streaming, extraordinary content is being published daily on leading OTT platforms. The Amazon Prime Video MOD APK will give you an endless experience of all the content, shows and movies available on Amazon Prime Video. Moreover, this magical application also blocks virtual ads so that you do not get interrupted by such ads online. You can also download its extraordinary content in virtual storage and stream it without internet availability. So download Amazon Prime MOD APK right now and enjoy these endless benefits for free. Enjoy this.

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