Hi! Air Tycoon 4 Game Lover if you want to download the latest Air Tycoon 4 Mode APK (v1.4.7) + Unlimited Money + Ob Data with No Ads, Then congratulations you have come to the right page. On this page, we will learn what is the specialty of Air Tycoon 4 Android Game and its mod version APK will give you one click. Google Drive link To download, so you can download easily Air Giants 4 Android simulation game.

Game Name Air Tycoon 4 Mode APK
Android version 1.1 and above
Category Simulation
User reviews 3.5 out of 5
Current version V 1.4.7
Size 26 + 60 MB

Air Tycoon 4 Mode APK Features and Features

Welcome to Air Tycoon 4 Mode APK – this is a turn-based airline management simulation based on the single-player game ‘Air Tycoon 2 Line 2’, which is loved by players around the world.

By default this version is a demo version. If you want to enjoy the full version, you should buy the app in the game.

Create and manage airlines worldwide with detailed statistical management support!
Now, passengers from around the world are ready to board your airline!

** When there are 24 turns from the start and if you want to play consistently,
You need to purchase the official version of this game.

Air Tycoon 4 Mode APK Features and Reviews

– Custom turn-based game
– Play and compete with a maximum of 24 AI players
– Vivid and gorgeous 3D graphics
– Different game setting
– Include 150 real aircraft models and 500 airports worldwide
Diversified airports and route management
– Upgradable aircraft and airports
– Buy and sell used aircraft
– Detailed and varied map
– Operation of passenger and cargo routes
– Hist Historical real-time background
No internet connection required

Air Tycoon 4 Mode APK Tips for Beginners

* Keep less than 30% of leased aircraft.
* Open new avenues at higher business / tour levels and less (or not) competitive cities.
* Keep maximum advertising and service investments.
* Keep salaries low because they are satisfied.
* Keep the aircraft in maximum operation.
Create a schedule like ‘Available by Airplane’.
* Always adjust flights.
– Increase rent when business is 100%.
– Rent down when business is less than 70%
* Do not be distracted by your current ways.
– Close the route firmly which has many competitors and does not make money.
– Constantly find new developed golden way.
* Minimum cost
– Reduce office fees, counters
– Minimize unused slots
– Use fuel tank and buy fuel by bulk
* Maximum profit
– Run maintenance depots and lounges at your hub airports (not all airports).
You can save up to 30% on maintenance costs and increase business and first-class passengers
(Airports with multiple routes are hub airports.)

Air Tycoon 4 Mode APK

Download / Install Air Tycoon 4 Mode APK + Ob Data

If you’ve already installed the Air Tycoon 4 APK from the Google Play Store, you don’t need to download this O.B.B. File to install Mode of Air Tycoon APK4.

Please make sure your OBB data and Apk are of the same version otherwise your game will not work.

Follow this step: If you do not have game data file and mod apk

1) If the game is not already installed in your phone, you should download the data file and Air Tycoon 4 mode APK from the download button below.

2) After downloading the data file and mod apk, simply insert the data zip file inside Phone internal memory / Android / obb / Folder.

3) Next, you need to install Mode Air Tycoon 4 APK. Simply launch and enjoy after installing the game.

Follow this step: If you have Game Ob Data and APK

1) First, you need to open your phone’s file manager and go to the given path: File-manager / android / data / And find out com.tradegamelab.at4 Rename folder and name folder com.tradegamelab.at4-Mod. (If you do not do this, your game data will be deleted)

2) Once you rename the folder, you can uninstall Air Tycoon 4 APK and download and install Air Tycoon 4. (Hitting) Apk from GetModsApp.com.

3) Once your game is installed, you can go to Path: File manager / android / obb / And rename the folder “com.tradegamelab.at4-Mod“To”com.tradegamelab.at4“.

4) Next, open your game and enjoy.

Air Tycoon 4 Mode APK

Please make sure your OBB data And A.P.K. Is the same Version Otherwise your game will not work.

Mode APK features provided

  • Unlimited money
  • Free purchase
  • Ads removed
  • Easy wins

Download Air Tycoon 4 Mode APK + Ob Data

Download your mod game

Pro Tips -:

If you are having problems installing the game or downloading the game file, you can ask us in the comments. We will help you as soon as possible. Thanks for downloading and continue GetModsApp.com.

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