Guangdong Ultratak Technology Co., Ltd. is an intelligent unmanned factory turnkey project, circuit board (PCB), copper clad laminate (CCL) automatic production line, 4.0 standard industrial automation design and manufacturing, non-standard special equipment design and manufacturing, The professional manufacturer of CNC machine tool design and manufacturing, the company has been engaged in the development and manufacture of various types of automation equipment with the concept of customer first, quality and innovation.

The company has a professional team that will provide you with comprehensive and detailed equipment solutions and services. We have extensive practical experience in the industries of precision electronics, PCB, CCL, and home appliances, so that your projects can be planned and implemented more quickly, making investments more efficient and reducing operating costs. At the same time, the complete quality assurance system and advanced enterprise management system enable us to provide customers with satisfactory services more efficiently, continuously deepen the development of win-win relationship with customers, pay close attention to customer needs and win customer trust.

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